From Monica
My Dairy
12th May 2006
Hi again everyone!
Well, what a brilliant night it has been tonight. We've just had our first Friday night client dressage competition and it was so exciting! I stood at the fence and watched all of the horses and ponies warm up - I smelled Charlie's burgers and sausage and bacon sarnies through the new kitchen window and I saw people eating my Mum Magi's home-made cookies and drinking hot chocolate, coffee and even Slushies.
There were lots of nervous faces around the yard tonight, but that soon changed as people came out of the arena after their tests - it was all beaming smiles then and happy chattering about their results sheets. Everyone had lovely constructive comments from our independent dressage judge, Bernice Holdsworth. Jo Bell wrote up the judge's comments for her all night, Laura made sure that all of the riders came in at the right time and Amy Budd did a fantastic job of reading the tests for all of the people who didn't feel very confident about remembering them! Magi asked me to give a big thank you to all of them for their help. Also, I've got a special mention for Abi who came to support her Mum, Julie and did everything she could all night to help the other riders. Megan was a star as well and untacked and turned out the horses after they had finished for the night. All of the winners in the first five positions got rosettes and there were a few special categories too. Everyone had a good time and the evening was a great success.
Keep an eye on the Events Diary for the next client show (which is showjumping) on the Monday 29th May Bank Holiday and the full list of winners from the dressage.
Other news now - our Woody is at the Yorkshire Riding Centre getting ready for the 5 year old Burghley Young Event Horse class at Hambleton on the 28th May and at Bramham on Friday June 9th. You know, my Mum and I came sixth at Hambleton when I was five.
Woody wasn't used to Cross Country jumps at first and got a little frightened of the timing equipment and the banners around the jumping arenas. He is much more confident now though and we are keeping our fingers crossed that he doesn't hurt himself before the show and that the judges like him.
He is having a practice on Sunday 22nd showjumping at the Yorkshire Riding Centre with his rider Keith Maguire. My Mum is taking Radar and I think Charlie is taking Max too, so that should be a good show.
My Mum rode me this week for the first time in six months - it was only for ten minutes but it was great! I hope to be getting fit for competing at dressage again now. Watching all of you lot having a go at it got me itching to get back in practice!
I think Radar and Mum will be having a go at the Chase-Me-Charlie again at the Bank Holiday Show Jumping - and I don't mean chasing Charlie around the yard for a burger! Last year they managed 4'2"! Why don't you all come along and cheer them on to see if they can get even higher this year? I know I'll be cheering them on from the fence.
Well, speak to you all soon,
Keep saying hi to me and I'll give you a nod if I see you from the field.
Love, Monica. x