From Monica
My Dairy

Well my mums New Year Resolution this year was the same as the last 2 years - to get out competing again - well this time she has done it

After getting myself and herself affiliated we went out to Richmond Equestrian centre last Saturday, the 7th January,we did 2 elementary tests and hey we were 1st in both classes.

Mum was a bit rusty but she will get better after a couple more competitions,i on the other hand was very relaxed, just keeping everything crossed that she remembered where she was going as mum is getting on a bit now and the old memory is going a bit, anyway Amy stepped in to read for her so i could relax a bit more and concentrate on what i was doing.

It was so nice to be plaited up and feel special again.

So we out again on the 22nd, let's see if we can keep up the good work.

 I will let you all know how we went.