From Monica
My Dairy

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, we all got extra carrots for our Christmas dinner i bet you had Brussels sprouts for yours.

Have you made a new years resolution ? my mums is always the same every year- to be more organised, it never works, mine is to get out to more competitions this year as you know i have been training hard for my dressage, i have to say i am REALLY excited as my mum has started jumping with me ( i used to showjump when i was younger) and i think she is going to take me to some showjumping competitions when i have had more practice it's usually Radar that has all the fun!!!

Woody has just qualified for a championship at foxhunter level (that's a bit big for me to jump) he is a clever boy and can jump very big jumps, i will let you know how he is going.

Starting next month i am going to tell you about one horse or pony here at Jodhpurs every month, where he or she came from how old they were when mum bought them, what they had done before they were a riding school horse/pony, so keep looking in my diary you know i like a good gossip.

Come and see me when you come to ride and if you have any gossip i can put in my diary just let me know.

see you soon