From Monica
My Dairy
February 2009
Hi everyone, happy new year, a bit late i know, i hope you all had a great christmas.

Well i'm going to catch you all up with the Jodhpurs gossip.

As most of you know we are very sad to say we lost a dear friend last year, Millie has gone to horse heaven and i know my mums horse Marcus will be looking after her, thanks to all the children that sent poems and letters and especially to Mr mellon, Lydia's daddy for the beautiful photographs of her.

 Fred has retired to a lovely home, he kept going lame so mum found him a new mum who would care for him, and the last i heard he had 2 girlfriends!!!!!!

 Woody is going to Portugal soon, he is going to show jump, it's very exiting he even has an international passport now, i will keep you posted as to how he does.
 Radar & i went dressaging yesterday oh i was so exited to be actualy competing again, it was great though i did get a bit giddy, but i still got a 4th rosette and 2 dressage points, i hope we go again soon then i can try to get a 2nd rosette.Radar did very well too she came 6th in the same class. Did anybody see my hair today wow what curls i had after having my plaits out, mum says i look like Diana Ross ( she was a singer in the old days).

 I have to say well done to Lydia Mellon for coming first in the jodhpurs puissance she sailed over the jump on Heidi , she must have jumped 2'6'' at least, very good riding Lydia and well done to all the other little riders you also jumped really well.

 I hope Rachel & Jess are enjoying their new loan pony Tilly, although it's very quiet without you, Jess mum is having a show jumping competition on Easter Monday 13th April, you will be able to bring Tilly.

 Going to get back to my hay now so see you soon