From Monica
My Dairy
Hi everyone we want to thank everybody for supporting our show jumping and dressage competitions , we had an exellent turnout, and we hope you will all be back again for the next ones.

 It was  nice to see all you riders my mum has taught over the years on your own horses & ponies, mum was very proud of you all.

 She had to close her eyes when the Chase Me Charlie was on when Sophie Cook on her little pony Cinder Boy  cleared 1m 15 with ease, for all those who are not metric that's 3''9    i think !!!!  any way it's very big for a little rider and little pony, very well done Sophie, mum remembers when you started riding at Jodhpurs when you were 3 years old.

If you hadn't heard olly won the novice 27 with kim Broadbent, one of mums riders, we are thrilled with the pair of them.

 Also well done goes to Sarah Taylor for taking Sunny into the prelim 7, i hope kevin was proud of the 2 of you and got some photographs taken. We know Sunny is his favourite.