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23rd November 2014.

Well today was veterans dressage day and once again i didn't get chance to compete even though i am 19 years old, and a veteran myself, my mother is useless, of course she is a veteran herself, i am sure she won't mind my telling everyone !!

It was a lovely day with horses and ponies ranging from15 years up to 25 years old, and the youngest rider Imogen was only 5 years old, again the more mature ponies and horses were looking after their young riders.
 Well nearly all as just as Claire was unloading Tiger Lily the dogs at the kennels started to bark, and Tiger Lily thought she was going HUNTING !!! needless to say poor Helena Wills had her hands full in the dressage test but still managed a 3rd place.

My mum said it was lovely to see all the oldies going round not having to compete with those young supple athletic looking young ones, in fact she said it looked a little bit like an Equine Tea Dance and everyone had a smile on their face, well maybe not Helena in the first test, but Tiger Lily sure had.

So let's bring it on for the oldies, more veteran Tea dances please.
Can i have a go in the next one please Mum !!!

Monica's Diary

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I would like to say how well our riding school horses  and clients did in the dressage competition last week.
Dan was ridden by Sue Orchard and they came 2nd in the intro with the same score as mum on Zaffron.
Rocky was 5th with Iain samuel, this was Iains first attempt at a dressage competition and he came away with a 5th rosette.
Mum did well on Zaffron, she was a little bit tense ( zaffron not mum) Mum went h/c as she normally rides me at a higher level.

And i did a fabulous test, one of my best actually, everybody said so, i was first in the elementary with 73% my mum was so pleased with me,i wonder when she is going to take me out competing again, i do miss it !!!

watch this space it might be soon as she will have Tuesday's free and i know Manor Grange have some BD on Tuesday's.

Coming Events

Sunday 28 Jan 18
ROR clinic
Venue: Jodhpurs Riding centre

Saturday 10 Feb 18
unaffiliated Dressage
young horse / pony & veteran horse /pony. Young horses 4 - 6 years Veteran 15 years upwards.
Venue: Jodhpurs Riding centre
For more info call: 01423 358645, 07913354071
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Sunday 11 Feb 18
Freymor Dog club
Venue: Jodhpurs Riding centre

Saturday 17 Feb 18
Dog club
Venue: Jodhpurs Riding centre

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